Thursday, March 26, 2009

Party Crashers Make the Pages


Hamptons Report: I Saw Shaggy, and Tasted the Greatest Scallop of All

Tell your greeters, your door girls, and especially your security team that the world’s most relentless party crasher has somehow figured out the jitney and is now making the scene out here in the Hamptons. If you’re not familiar: Shaggy, whose real name I once knew, has a full, frizzy grey mane styled improbably like a rock singer. You’ll spot him; he looks inappropriate wherever he goes. He once crashed my birthday party—there were only 40 people invited and I still don’t know how he found out about it—and was incredulous when I asked him to leave. “But I’m already here, what’s the big deal?” is what he always used to say. At my old firm we kept his picture in the Xerox room, like restaurants do with food critics, so that interns and newbie staffers could pick him out of a crowd. As my old boss, Valerie Salembier (now the publisher of Harper’s Bazaar), once wisely told me, “Problems don’t just go away.” I say ditto with cockroaches and Shaggy. So I was riled by seeing the infamous crasher at the East End Hospice’s Summer Gala on June 28. I will support any charity with the word hospice in it. The way I see it, hospice care workers are as close to God as you can get—if you believe in God. This is a small, conservative charity. I was there because my cousin Meredith McBride (along with Christian Dior’s charming Bryn Kenny) was on the committee. So there appears Shaggy under the tent in Quogue, scarfing the free food, quaffing the free spirits, fingering the fine linens. Oh, it makes me so mad.


  1. The biggest current crasher is William Gaines who claims that he works for Comcast and but is actually unemployed and homeless! He actually falsely claimed to be a "colleague" of mine!

  2. Courtney Henley-Anderson, aka "That Crasher at The Party", is one of the most current and outrageous crashers of parties in New York City and the Hamptons. She attends parties to get as much merchandise and giftbags as well as food and drink as she possibly can get. She has claimed to be a producer and other professions in order to gain access to events. She especially loves press previews and spa events where they give out free clothing and services. Unfortunately for her, she is already banned from some of these events as many PR people already know her real motivation for attending. She has even gone as far as breaking down in tears and throwing tantrums when refused giftbags. By her own admission, she has been on Medicade and assistance.


  4. If the false and defamatory comments about Courtney Henley-Anderson are not immediately taken down, I will see you in court.

    An FY!: "For bloggers, all Defamation legal rules apply to their posts and comments.
    A recent case showed how powerful Defamation laws, applied online, can be. In November 2006, a Florida woman, Sue Scheff, was awarded $11.3 million in damages in Broward County Circuit Court, in one of the biggest awards ever tolled. The suit was filed for Internet defamation, and the jury found a Louisiana woman had posted caustic messages against the Scheff and her company, claiming she was a "con artist" and "fraud". The jury found the charges were completely false, so the Louisiana woman had no defense. Interestingly, Scheff's attorney had offered to settle the case for $35,000 before it went before the jury."

  5. I host media introduction events in cities throughout the US - and no where but in NYC is this crasher problem SUCH A PROBLEM. These people are insane. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out, WHY they do this. Do they have garage sales to buy groceries? There are so many of them; they are crazy, unkempt, belligerent and relentless. It's like a cancer. Seriously this really upsets me. John Simon, Music Style TV, some crazy Russian dude who mumbles, Peter Hargrove, I really should just put together a list and post it here. Gosh this is so frustrating. Thank you for writing this blog. You need to get it to every publicist who works in NYC.

    1. If you dont know anything about bloggers then you dont know the new wave of journalism. You should read up on it. To say John Simon is a crasher is insane, just one example. His website is professional and he has thousands of twitter followers. Twitter is where its at these days!

  6. Ok its me fox again. Im not a steve im a fox... You know the one who wrote TO ALL IT MAY Concern peter hargrove robert spednick.. But someone pegged the seagull last time on the previous sight, so the pr's bird wasn't happy. Cmon guys don't you know not to feed them at the zoo. Back to track... My suspisions arise for the 3rd sidekick candidate... Who you might ask? Since the bucket-list wasn't established in 1 day the reveal wont either ; )Well begin with 3 guesses. Lets start with the obvious. No its not Corney, though wouldn't be surprised if exchanging with Hargrow ( I mean why else would he show up at a female blogger event?). but no I don't smell a fish there. Next HarVey Karten nope wrong again... harvey who you may ask, whos that never hrd of em? Your guess is as good as mine, his 718 # and email is listed online go ask him. (He seems legit as a writer, but whats his
    affiliation to hargrow tisk). The answer lyes within a writer for Queens paper, WTF is he in IBR?..., ITS Lloyd Carroll! Can we say 3 musketeers hardhead, walrus & the tiger. But may also have a prob minding the biz.